Lately I've been talking to people who share with despair that they're in a rut. From friends to clientele to folks sippin' coffee at the local roastery. My people radar is picking up an overwhelming consensus of feeling "stuck" out there in the streets.

"I think I'm just depressed."

"It's like I keep attracting the same kind of problem over and over again. What is wrong with me?"

"I think I want to do something different, I just don't know what that is?"

And I have to admit. This is an internal dialogue I've been having for a couple years myself, hidden away from the public. For me, being unsure about the direction my life has been going is made more complicated because it's in the arena of life surrounding my own home.

Homes is what I do for a living. How can the Real Estate Agent be indecisive and unsure about where she lives?

Here's a brief sample of the non-stop cyclical question wheel that turns over again and again in my head:

Should we sell it? ==> Can we sell it and be on the right side of the numbers? ==> Where would we go? ==> Do we dare try to sell and then buy all at once? ==> Maybe we should just take the downtime to rent a little before we buy again ==> What if we jump out of the game and can't get back in it? ==> What about the kids school's and our amazing neighbors? ==> What if we never find this kind of awesome community to be a part of, again? ==> I love my kitchen so much, everything out there looks so sad compared to what I have...

And on, and on and on. 

You see, I bought the incredible 4 bedroom Cave Creek 4 place,  just as things were tanking for most homeowners and the whole darn global population.

And then I watched as the value of my home fell, and fell, and fell. And my options seemed nil. Because they were. For a good two years I was convinced that I'd be locked down in suburbia forever, and it didn't bother me much because my family fit the floorplan perfectly, my neighborhood was almost too good to be true and well- what was I so unhappy about?

And I haven't been unhappy at home. Not at all.

But I have been very restless, wriggling- just itchin' for a change.

And it's been 7 years.

So, last month decided I'd had enough of paddling the cyclical question wheel and I sat my booty down and got really, really honest about how I wanted to feel about myself within my home and in my life in general. I dug deeper than granite countertops, gated entrances and square footage and I listed the things, feelings and experiences that mattered to me in a meaningful, spiritual and emotional way.

This fall, the house is going on the market and we're going to do it. 

We're going to scratch that 7 year itch and shake it up. And it feels amazing. Join me!