Sometime around 7 years old I tapped an internal drive for order and purpose in my environment. I would spend entire afternoons installing organizational systems in a closet shared with my younger sister. As a grown woman and mother, it’s become a big part of my day to day. Pantry organization, drawers, closets, computer filling, laundry, off season clothing, the works. It is my contention that every grocery run is an opportunity to shift and sort and purge and maintain the space the items are stowed.

Organizational freak or not, I really, really hate data entry. I avoid it when I shouldn’t, take frequent breaks and invite distractions when forcing myself to pound data into the cloud.

In my work, systems are a crucial element to the ease of my day to day actions. If I am not organized I am too frazzled to work. I learned it at 7 at the dinner table and the truth still remains today: I have to eat the broccoli to have the ice cream. I can’t get on the phone with a client to plot out our next tour of homes before I’ve got the data in front of me, organized and orderly.

It seems to be (sadly) common rhetoric for Realtors and other service professionals (lawyers, for example) to pawn off these types of mundane tasks to a paid staff. The training  I have received over the years also suggests that I leverage others around me to do what I don't want to do. But I'm really attached to this part of the process, even if I sort of hate it. 

There's something about touching and physically working with your clients(and your friends and families) information and data that lends a more meaningful approach to the people on the list. I question the gurus who suggest I hire a company to create marketing content, manage my facebook page, or even data entry & update my address book. I wonder how on Earth these gurus on stage (or camera) feel that having someone else do the legwork in my small business will lead me and my clients to a high quality exchange when the time is right? I ignore the guidance of these Real Estate talking heads. What they have to say (mostly) doesn't make sense for what I have in mind for my legacy or my business. 

The rapidly changing way that relationships are maintained and even established via our tech devices and the applications of social media is truly something to behold. I believe that to ignore the morphing landscape of how I connect with other people would be certain death to business and to most of the relationships I value. I accept that some of the work to keep my life and business going smoothly and in forward motion is going to be undesirable, and labor intensive with no immediate gratification. I'm not willing to compromise the benefits of connecting deeply in order to indulge my malaise about data entry. I really care about my relationships with people, about keeping in touch, about showing others that I care about them.

Lucky me I have a smart phone camera to capture a prettier version of the scene of my desk today. Looking at this snapshot actually makes me feel more emotionally positive as I get through the data entry I so loathe. When it’s all said and done I’ll have something beautiful to come from this effort. Fuel for a handwritten note and stationery making addiction I keep at bay most days. And a way for me to continue a tradition of saying "Hello, I care" the old fashioned way.