A long time ago when I first got my start in the business I spent a lot of time admiring my seasoned peers. The ones who had been around for a long time, the ones I thought were roping in healthy commissions, enjoying late mornings at brunch and evenings at industry cocktail parties. I'd devour national media spreads about the 30 under 30, a Realtor Mag annual publication celebrating the young guns of Real Estate across the nation, and I would dream of "making it." These mega-agents, generationally thick brokerages and power teams with #1 rankings and alphabet soups attached to their business cards & LinkedIn profiles were what I was believing to be the only way to be successful as a Real Estate Agent.

I do admire so many people in my field.

But something changed this last year. In the middle of what I thought was a phase in my career where I "stepped out to fly solo" and build my own way of doing business, I realized that will never be alone in my endeavors. No matter the size, structure or composition of my professional affiliations- I am definitely not alone in what I do.


Because I have people like this guy in my life. To support me, to champion me, to sing my praises, to pick me up when I'm frustrated or down. To bounce my zany ideas off of at 5:40 a.m. 

And to build me my own custom A-Frame sign holders because that's just how we roll.

When I'm unhappy with something in the design of a flyer, or have a baffling meltdown in the middle of an escrow with clients, I have more than a handful of really great, wicked smart people to call upon in the industry and in my network of friends and family for guidance and support. This new is my newly adapted definition of success. It has replaced the old one, and it feels so much more natural to be in my own skin this way.  

And if I ever make a magazine spread one day I'll know that I  had "made" it long before the editors ever decided it for me. 

Thanks Chris, for the reminder that I'm not alone. For being part of my why. You're a really cool husband and I couldn't do what I do without you and our family behind me. The AFrames are bad ass & I'm proud to put myself out there with your crazy last name attached to my first.




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