So, what's my story?

My senior year of high school I was ahead of the class with a surplus of the required credits needed to graduate. Bored out of my gourd on campus, many mornings I would play hookie, pick up a box of french fries at a drive thru and get lost cruising the 'burbs just outside of town. I didn't quite know it then, but those mornings spent truant & wandering neighborhoods in the family minivan would foreshadow the career I have today.

Soon after graduation I landed at the front desk of my Aunt's Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage answering phones. The thought was to put myself through school while working there. I set my sights on a degree in early childhood education and was accepted into a cutting edge teaching program at the local college.

But something bewitched me there at the reception lobby of her offices while I watched this sharp, polished businesswoman run the show. As a semester or two of college passed I felt things shift. The safer path to a bachelors degree was no longer a fit for the developing vision I had for my future. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and a professional. I wanted it, now.

I ditched college.

I never looked back. Turns out that I am a bit of a brute when it comes to my soul goals. When I decide to commit to something I feel deeply connected to, I see it all the way through. Building my experience and career platform has been no exception.

Professionally speaking I have pushed paper as a loan processor and underwriter in both a boutique mortgage brokerage and a speciality division of a large national bank. I've manned the phones of a call center as a loan officer dealing with high volume pipelines of sales. I braved the early-era of online MLS for consumers being a Realtor/ sales agent for a venture capital brokerage designed to convert online "leads" into clientele. I have desked myself at a bank branch working with mortgage seekers on a face to face level. I've been a Real Estate buyers agent on a traditionally structured mega-super-top producing-award winning team. Basically, I have learned everything I know by immersing myself fully in the venture of the time without hesitation.

 There is something about Real Estate that just does it for me.

Personally, though, I am no corporate brute.

Michelle in applique denim ensemble. 1990.

As a born and raised California girl I spent my childhood summers body boarding at the beach and the rest of the year in parochial school. My German-American father & Filipina mother saw fit to ensure I learned the ways of the world in a tribal core of extended family and a tight local community base.

I am a hard core devotionalist.

Most everything I do in my life now as a woman, professional, mother and wife revolve around old school, family centric ethics instilled in me as a child. Loyalty, accountability, generosity, simplicity, soulful effort, humility and honesty, no matter what, are the pillars upon which my own family culture and business sense are built.

Jaager + Chris + Michelle + Dresden + Lux. 2013

I believe in the pursuit of what is natural, meaningful and true.

I am obsessed with preparation in my personal and professional life and am an avid book re-reader. I am known to be a resourceful problem solver, an excitable (and long winded) speech maker. As a first born I embrace the leader that comes out of me in group situations. I fancy myself to be the creative, freethinking type and am sensitive to design and form. I aspire to be an artisan in both a professional capacity as well as in the way I go about living life. I crave the simple pleasures found in an exchange of laughter across a dinner table & the squeeze of hands with a loved one while snuggled up on the couch.

As a small business entrepreneur, patronizing other small businesses whenever possible is a high priority. My family and I donate our time and resources to local organizations. I have been second hand shopping since the time of shoulder pads & bolo ties. I reuse, re-purpose & recycle any item that may have a little more life left in it. The thought of wastefulness never, ever sits right with me.

Every single day I strive to be kind to my body and the world around me by keeping physically active, eating sensibly and doing my part to keep earth a splendid place for my children to raise their own families on, one day. 

I am not one for gimmicks or superficiality and my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I live and learn because I want to make a real difference in your world.